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Following is the fee structure :
Sr. No. Annual Sales (Net of Excise Duty & Sales Tax) Entrance Fee (One Time) Subscription Amount Max No. of Members to be nominated
1 Above Rs. 10 Crores but up to Rs. 25 Crores Rs. 25,000.00 Rs. 25,000.00 Per Year 1 Member
2 Above Rs. 25 Crores but up to Rs. 50 Crores Rs. 50,000.00 Rs. 50,000.00 Per Year 1 Members
3 Above Rs. 50 Crores but up to Rs. 100 Crores Rs. 90,000.00 Rs. 90,000.00 Per Year 2 Members
4 Above Rs. 100 Crores but up to Rs. 200 Crores Rs. 1,25,000.00 Rs. 1,25,000.00 Per Year 2 Members
5 Above Rs. 200 Crores Rs. 1,50,000.00 Rs. 1,50,000.00 Per Year 2 Members

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