Representation - Government & Allied Bodies

  1. On 25th May 2023, heads of MTD-11 and ETD-21 BIS committees have confirmed nominations of 2 AWPM members to play an active role in simplifying certification & re-certification processes, along with expediting development of new and existing BIS standards.
  2. AWPM had insightful discussions with the Shri Tapan Mazumdar - Addl. Director General of Foreign Trade – regarding growth of the Indian welding industry.
  3. To the Commerce & Industry Ministry for excluding welding products from FTAs/RCEPs
  4. To H R M ministry & AICTE Board for starting UG level Welding Engineering branch
  5. To BIS and DPIIT for timely updating standards and faster adopting relevant American and European standards in welding
  6. To BIS for feedback on certification & recertification process of welding and cutting products and gave them suggestions for improvements
  7. To the Finance ministry and CII-ASCON for Pre-Budget recommendations for 100% exemption on import duty for Rutile material and rationalization of GST on welding products and other Direct / Indirect tax reforms
  8. To IBR Board for extending approval period for welding consumables from 6 months to 2 years
  9. To IREL for issues regarding availability and supply of Rutile required for manufacturing welding electrodes
  10. Participation in various sub-group meetings and interactions organized by CII

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