About AWPM

Welding is the most critical process for almost every manufacturing activity. From satellites, super critical boilers to protective residential iron gates and the miles-upon-miles of railroad, delivering robust manufacturing excellence is impossible without this special indispensable process. Welding does not just fuse materials, it fans the engines of economy. That’s how significant it is.

One of the objectives of the Association of Welding Product Manufacturers (AWPM), formed in 2005, is to establish this significance among the entire Indian welding network, and to subsequently engage with all stakeholders for augmenting the Indian Standards of welding to the level of AWS, DN, etc.

Another important objective of the association is to deliver value benefits to welding product manufactures by undertaking initiatives and interacting with government agencies, industry bodies, research & educational institutes, etc. for developing growth driven policies.

There are several activities that the association has conducted in past, and many planned for near future for the benefit of welding network and specifically for welding product manufactures. Become a member to avail maximum from these initiatives.

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Becoming member of Association of Welding Product Manufacturers has several tangible and intangible value benefits.

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