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Nano technology electrodes in maintenance and repair application

  • Posted on: 17th November, 2022

Welding Industry has seen rapid developments in Wear surfacing or hard facing of worn-out components of Industry with various types of carbides like Chromium carbides, Complex carbides and refractory carbides enhancing the life of the Industrial components, even some amount of work was done in developing various type of matrix which holds carbides with alloying elements like Chromium, Nickel, etc. added to improve the performance.

In reality, 'Nano Technology' was the first genuine attempt to improve the matrix part of weld deposit in a revolutionary manner in the sphere of hardfacing or wear facing

Basically, Nano technology is a development at atomic, molecular or macro-molecular range, which creates structures, devices and systems that have special novel properties. With this Scientifically Engineered electrode based on Nano technology, we get extraordinary wear resistance against all wear factors at elevated temperatures up to 750 ̊C.

As most conventional hard facing Alloys used in Industry loses hardness at above 650 degrees, Nano Technology electrodes retains hardness at even above 750 degrees with novel wear resistance property.

Credits:This article / abstract has been contributed by Sridhar Narayanan of Ador Welding Ltd.

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