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Perfecting the art of key-hole TIG welding technology for exotic materials

  • Posted on: 7th May, 2023

Keyhole TIG welding technique was used for welding of Titanium alloy and super duplex stainless steel.

Single pass square butt joint welding technology was developed with filler wire and without filler wire depending on thickness of the plates. Welding parameters were adjusted to achieve sound welds with controlled penetration, proper reinforcement.

Titanium alloy plates were successfully welded up to 14 mm thickness with consistent radiographic quality joint.

Keyhole welding showed major saving in the areas of skilled manpower, laboratory grade argon gas, cycle time, filler wire, edge preparation and overall cost.

The project was completed before contractual delivery date using Keyhole welding technology.

Credits: This article is shared by Kapil Raiyani, Dinesh Patel, Shankar Pujari, Kishor Chaudhari and Sandeep Korantak from TEMA India Limited Techmet Consultants.

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